Surround Suction Technology

The innovative Surround Suction Technology increases the smoke accumulation area of the FOTILE W series to 0.21m2 to ensure that grease and smoke cannot escape from any of the 4 sides of the hood.

  Oil Filtration Rate


  Odor Reduction Rate


Powerful Buffering

A buffer zone is essential for accumulating all the cooking smoke to prevent them from escaping. Conventional suction plate are ineffective in buffering cooking smoke quickly due to their flat surface with no angle point. However, the Wing Like - Surround Suction Plate of Fotile W has a 3° tilt angle to buffer and keep the cooking smoke together to prevent them from escaping.

Clean and Clear Filter

The patented double-layer, arc-shaped stainless steel filter is arranged in a staggered format to achieve high oil-filtration and odor-reduction effectoveness.

Patent No.: ZL200720107785.8

  Oil Filtration Rate


  Odor Reduction Rate


The Nautilus Design

The Nautilus Design in FOTILE kitchen hoods ensures a smooth air flow, creating low resistance and reducing backflow of air. It also maximizes the hood’s extraction power and reduces the noise level generated by air flow.

Patent No.: 01132056.7

Silent Turbine

The static flow arc of the patented Silent Turbine leads airborne grease away effectively and silently. The Double-Sized Impeller design also doubles the turbine’s suction power.

Patent No.: ZL200610155231.5

3D Ionized Air Curtain

The 3D Ionized Air Curtain controls the airborne grease and prevents it from escaping from your cooking space. The ionizer also keeps the air fresh and reduces unpleasant odor.

(Available in hood model EH10BQ & CHS9006W)


EPS Technology

The efficient Perpendicular Burner System (EPS Burner) is designed to achieve 3 stage of "Efficiency" which is Efficient Air Inlet, Efficient Mixture, and Efficient Burning.

Efficient Air Inlet

Jet Collision Technology allows gas and air mix efficiently.

Efficient Mixture

Extended enject pipe and premix cabin can store large amount of gas which can avoid air presiire flucrtuate.

Efficient Burning

OxyGrab burner ring ensures maximum air accumulate to form an efficient burning and raging blue flame.

Safety Guaranteed and Humanize Design

EPS burner is designed with safety and humanization elements which make the hob safe to use.


Advanced Convection System

Heat Evenly distributed, ensure even heating.

3D Circulatory Baking Technology

An all-round heating system that encompasses top, rear and bottom heating.

Energy Class A

This ensure that the exterior of the door and the oven handle remain below 70˚c, keeping them completely safe to touch.

(Available in hood model KEG6001A, KEG6004A, KES6003A & KQD50F-C2A)

Double Layer Glazed Door With Low-E Glass

Saves energy without compromising on baking efficiency.