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Introducing HydroJet Technology, The Zero Hero

Utilizing High Pressure HydroJet Technology to take dishwashing to a whole new level. This is where Zero becomes the Hero.

Introducing HydroJet Technology, The Zero Hero


High Pressure HydroJet Technology
Hundreds of billions of cavitation bubbles are continuously generated in water, accelerating the speed and momentum of the water flow to remove stubborn stains effectively. Inspired by the cleaning technology of a submarine. Patent No. 202211216010.X & 202010288660.X

High Pressure HydroJet Technology

Brushless Direct-Current Inverter (BLDC)
Provide a maximum 40,000 Pa strong water pressure and adjusts according to different wash settings to provide a stable and powerful wash.

Brushless Direct-Current Inverter (BLDC)

All-Clean Intelligent Cleaning System
2 main spray arms + 2 supporting spray arms at the back of the chamber enhance cleaning effect by forming a 4-layer enveloping spray, alongside with 37 larger spray holes for a wider coverage to clean dishes.

All-Clean Intelligent Cleaning System


Automated Drainage System
Water drainage is tilted for 15° and automatically closes its valve after washing to prevent backflow of sewage, keeping dishwasher odourless and clean. Patent No. 202023337590.7

Automated Drainage System Automated Drainage System


Dual Ventilation Drying
Dual ventilation drying distributes heat evenly and effectively.

Dual Ventilation Drying

Sterilize up to 99.99%
Eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria under high temperature of 75°C. Patent No. 202121479074.X

Sterilize up to 99.99%


Smart Space Management System
It expands a partition and divide the chamber into upper and lower layer. Saves your water, time and energy consumption. Patent No. 202010664979.8

Smart Space Management System Smart Space Management System

Storage Function

Storage Function
Automatic ventilation to store your dishes after cleaning up to 96 hours.

Storage Function

Innovative & Humanize Design

  • 6 core + 4 additional programs to cater all of your needs.

    Innovative & Humanize Design

  • Low Noise Level - Noise level of only 42db.
  • Auto-Clean Program - Keeping dishwasher cavity clean and odourless.
  • Auto Mode - Automatically detect the dirtiness level of your dishes to run the ideal cleaning program.
  • Memory Cleaning - Panel displays the previous cleaning mode, no need to reset everytime.
  • External Ventilation - Prevent cabinet from getting moldy by releasing hot air externally.

Control Mode
Touch control
Aluminium alloy handle, 304SS stainless steel cavity
Capacity (L)
Dual heat convection drying
Quick, Normal, Intensive, Glass, Auto, ECO, Self-Clean, Storage, Extra Dry, Half Load
Dishwashing Time Consumption (min)
45 - 255
Fruit & Vegetable Purifying Time Consumption (min)
Dishwashing Water Consumption (L)
11 - 23
Fruits & Vegetable Purifying Water Consumption (L)
Dishwashing Temperature (°C )
45 - 75
Safety Lock
Household water pressure
0.14MPa - 1MPa
Rated Voltage
220-240V 50/60Hz
Consumption (W)
Products Sizes W x H x D (mm)
598 X 775 x 570

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