Product Highlight

Intelligent Self-Adjusting

The all new FOTILE W PRO is equipped with INTELLIGENT SELF-ADJUSTING Smart Wing-like Surround Suction Plate, which able to adjust its height according to the volume of cooking fumes

Closer Extraction

The Smart Wing-like Surround Suction Plate’s elevation is automatically adapts to the volume of airborne grease and smoke with such precision that it creates a sort of an optimal grease and smoke control zone in which grease and smoke have no chance of escaping.

Smart Smoke Detection

Total Precision, Total Extraction

This function allows the Smart Wing-like Surround Suction Plate to precisely adjust its elevation by 8-12cm based on smoke type and volume, thereby creating an optimal grease and smoke control zone where grease and smoke have virtually no room to escape.

Innovative Direct-current Inverter

100,000 RPH Inverter Power

The direct-current inverter produces a stunning 100,000 rounds per hour – a powerful upgrade that further enhances the FOTILE W Pro’s smoke extraction capability.

720 Pa
Stronger Air Pressure For Smoother Smoke Extraction

The all-new Direct-current Inverter System amps up the FOTILE W Pro’s extraction capabilities, effortlessly overcome wind resistance with an air pressure of up to 720 Pa.

3-Step Purification Technique

This 3-step purification technique achieves a stunning 98% airborne grease separation

Intelligent Air Management

Monitors your kitchen’s air quality, and upon detection of harmful substances such as airborne grease, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and more, immediately initiates ventilation and air cleansing enable you to enjoy fresh air, always.

Auto Turbo System

This function lets the FOTILE W Pro detect the volume of grease and smoke as well as the wind resistance. The Hood will automatically accelerate and increase air pressure (up to a maximum of 720 Pa), if heavy volume of grease and smoke is detected or if the air pressure is being low.

Easy Cleaning

When idle, the wing-like surround suction plate and the smoke-hatch’s flat surfaces make cleaning a breeze.

Award Winning

Every inch of the FOTILE W Pro is designed with sublime crafting expertise.

Material of hood
90cm wide steel, crystal black timeless elegant surface
Unrestrained airflow (m3/hr)
Motor Power (W)
Max Static Pressure (Pa)
Noise Level (dB)
No. of Speeds Fan Control
Illumination Power in LED (W)
2W x 2
Type of hood
Chimney hood
Oil Filtration Rate
Odor Reduction Rate
Automatic Turbo System
Smart Smoke and Sound Detection
Intelligent Air Management
Anion Sterilisation
3D Ionized Air Curtain
Gas & Heat Sensor
Delay Off Function
Control Mode
Illuminated soft touch control
Type of Filter
Double layer clean & clean fikter
Special Features
iF Design Award
Power Supply
Dimension W x D x H (mm)
900 x 515 x (645-950)

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